Emily Hargis

3D/2D Artist • Animator

English Foxhound Model
This quadruped model was created with Autodesk Maya and Zbrush for Raconteur Games as part of their lastest project.
When Hairy Met Sally
Emily’s film When Hairy Met Sally is a short 3D animated venture addressing the struggles of puberty in a modern era, specifically for women. She was inspired by instructional videos of the 1950s and their absurd notions, such as hiding under a desk to protect oneself from an atomic bomb. Emily embraces the humor in these videos in her film, combining stylized 3D models and quirky storytelling in the context of an educational film about puberty. The audience for a traditional puberty film – in this case a young girl – finds herself as the subject of When Hairy Met Sally and battles with her impending puberty.
Houdini Projects
These projects were all created using Houdini. Some of the objects were modeled in Maya.
3D Models for "Evangeline"
These models were created for the game "Evangeline" by Raconteur Games during my internship (Summer 2017).
"Parks and Rec" Scene
This animation is to a scene from "Parks and Recreation", using the rig Mr. Buttons.
Space Time
This animation was made in 48 hours as part of the Digital Art and Design Association's first annual Animation Jam. The jam was held at the Digital Media Center on Louisiana State University's campus.
"Taken" Scene
This animation is to a scene from "Taken" (2008), using the rig Mr. Buttons.
Goth Deer
A deer modeled in ZBrush who is so full of angst that he refuses to walk on all fours as a teenage act of rebellion.
Phone Purgatory
This is what the inside of your junk drawer looks like. All of your old phones are waiting for the pearly gates. Made in Maya.
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