Brain Gains is a mobile IQ level up game featuring your own brain as a character. As you play the various puzzles and solve problems, your brain will grow stronger and more confident. You can even gather “neurobucks” to buy decorations for his brain cavity home.

Programming: Bryan Stamey and Chase Bernard
Writing: Niara Collins
Art: Kytana Le and Emily Hargis

Kytana is responsible for the logo and character design as well as the brain cavity background art, character animations, and general idea for the game.

Emily is responsible for the vectored versions of the characters and logo, all menu and ui art, and "shopping items" art.
From left to right: the main character, your brain; the Brain Gains logo; and Neura, the love interest
Various menus of Brain Gains
Card designs for the mini game "Might Matching"
"Shopping items", items the player can purchase to decorate their brain cavity
Brain Gains "one-pager"
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