Fruits are for losers! A taunted tomato struggles with its identity. After a scuffle with edgy eggplants a dainty daikon radish convinces Tom Ato to complete a ritual to join the fellowship of vegetables. What's brewing in the vegetable stewing? Play to find out.
This game was made at Global Game Jam 2016 in 48 hours. The theme was "ritual". 
Artists: Kytana Le (still illustrations)
            Jessica Le (animation/background)
            Emily Hargis (character design/assets)
            Kim Le (character design/assets)
Programmers: Ethan Caraway
                        Miles Robicheaux 
                        Hunter Crossett
                        Laila Din
                        Jacob Roy
Music: Lucien Ye
Voice Acting: Ryan Brown + Linda Riley
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