This game was made at the 2017 Global Game Jam in 48 hours. The theme was "wave". 

Team Name: Partying Poodles

Artists: Kytana Le (title screen and backgrounds)
            Kim Le (food asset designs/instruction screens)
            Emily Hargis (Intro, Game Over, and Win stills (and their unused animations)/character design)

Programmers: Tyler Carr

Music: Lucien Ye
Start Screen GIF by Kytana Le.
Intro Scene 1-1
Intro Scene 1-2
Intro Scene 2-1
Intro Scene 2-2
Intro Scene 3
Instruction Screen for Part 1
Screenshot from Part 1
Instruction Screen for Part 2
Screenshot from Part 2
Instruction Screen for Part 3
Screenshot from Part 3
Win Screen
Game Over Screen
Credits Screen
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